Bulk Soy Curls

by Sherri Koehler on November 30, 2011

Last month I picked up a case of Soy Curls at Food Fight.Yes, that does mean 12 pounds of them. There’s a big plastic food storage bin down in our pantry filled to the brim with them.

That's right, TWELVE POUNDS!

I don’t make them a lot, but as far as foods that are more processed goes, these are pretty minimally processed. What’s more they’re tasty, versatile and pretty low calorie.

Our main market doesn’t carry them yet and we tend to nearly empty out the bulk bin at Food Fight when we’re there, so last month I decided to just order a case. They’ll keep well down in the cool pantry. I could also put some into the freezer.

Maybe I’m already starting to plan out how we’ll live out in the country on a handful of acres — bulk shopping!

*Just happened to spot that the Arbor Lodge New Seasons, “our” neighborhood market, has started stocking Soy Curls in the same area you find legumes.

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