Thanksgiving Bread Pudding

by Sherri Koehler on November 29, 2010

This came about as a good way to use up the surplus bread dressing and roasted squash we had left after a big Thanksgiving dinner at our house. This year I roasted the stuffed squash directly in the pan with extra dressing along side it. Although I covered it tightly in foil, the result was a bit dry. In the past I’ve made this with the intention of transporting to a potluck and therefore wrapped the stuffed squash in many layers of tinfoil. It really seems like this also helped to retain a lot of moisture as well as making it easy to travel with!

Squash & Dressing in Roasting Pan

I make a great Savory Kale Bread Pudding that’s a huge favorite of ours and it seemed like a a logical step to take with the leftover dressing. I also used some red curly kale we had in the house along with some of the leftover roast squash. It made for a very full pan, but I didn’t need to modify the recipe any further.

The result was incredibly tasty and we think we’ve found the new way to use up the leftover dressing in the future! It was so good with the little bits of chestnut and Field Roast sausage here and there. I roasted some red and yellow beets that we enjoyed with the bread pudding.

Hurrah for Leftovers

The flash photo doesn’t do justice to the loveliness of the bread pudding, but it gives some idea!

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