MoFo’ing When You Don’t Wanna

by Sherri Koehler on November 10, 2010

Have I mentioned the utter chaos of our house? The fact that 2/3 of the kitchen, if not more, has been moved largely into boxes in our dining room for the past couple of days. Today I got to start put the kitchen somewhat back together, but that was after I destroyed some of the ugly shelves in the kitchen that came with the house.

So by dinner tonight I did not feel like cooking. I barely felt like eating. We’re trying to keep close tabs on the budget right now so I didn’t want to get take-out. Ugh!

What to do on a night when I felt uninterested in food? It was very nearly an PB&J kind of night. What I wound up with was essentially dinner from the freezer, mostly. Thus proving it is always good to have a few things on hand that are easy to make when you just don’t feel like cooking.

Dinner, when I don’t want to deal with dinner. November 11th version.

Pan fried veggie poststickers sauteed with seasoned age (fried tofu – this one had carrot & seaweed in it) and a bunch of edamame. A little vegetarian hoisin sauce and a little sweet chili sauce. Toss in a bowl and consume with chopsticks until the crankiness subsides a little. After all my aversion to eating, it was really pretty tasty and quick.

And then back to unpacking the kitchen and moving furniture out of the house.

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