Organics to You – October 11, 2010

by Sherri Koehler on October 12, 2010

here’s today’s box full of goodies:

  • red grapes
  • 3 Fuji Apples
  • 3 Bartlett Pears
  • Black Plums
  • celery
  • red leaf lettuce
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • Orange! cauliflower
  • chard
  • radishes
  • heirloom tomatoes
  • 3 Russet potatoes

In the fridge:

  • 2 ears of corn
  • broccoli stems
  • 1 Asian pear
  • carrots
  • fava beans
  • less than 50 pounds of apples (Christie made a pie), but still a lot
  • 2 onions
  • several red beets and some beet greens
  • 1 lime
  • Several lemons
  • 1 enormous mango
  • several pears
  • pounds of tomatoes, many from our garden
  • several Orange Turkish eggplant from the garden
  • ginger
  • a few pounds of peppers from our garden + a couple from prior deliveries
  • there’s quite a bit of kale out in the garden to
  • red grapes
  • celery
  • a good-sized fennel bulb
  • some summer squash
  • 2 waxy-type and 3 russet potatoes
  • green cabbage
  • some bok choy
  • green beans
  • bananas

The Compost Pail of Shame (what we didn’t use and had to compost):

  • some lettuce
  • 2 small zucchini
  • some red grapes
  • radishes
  • a couple of pears

I managed to give away the large eggplant that was delivered last week. This is especially good since we picked several of the orange, Turkish eggplants from the garden on Sunday. Last week I made a Japanese style stew which used a lot of the ingredients we had on hand. On Saturday I made minestrone soup which is a great way to use up a lot of fresh veggies. I’m craving a big stir-fry of green beans and cabbage. I also have yet to answer my desire for raw zucchini pasta & marinara. I’m hoping this weekend I might be up to making applesauce, I’ll probably throw in whatever overripe fruit is in the house as well.

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