Vegan MoFo 2009

by Sherri Koehler on October 1, 2009

Today kicks off a flurry of vegan blogging for Vegan MoFo (Month of Food). Started in 2007 by Isa Chandra as a way to give a vegan spin on NaNoWriMo. Two years later and there scores of vegan bloggers signed up to write. I have listed both my personal blog as well as the Cooking Club here and will be making posts to both!

That said — I’m hoping everyone will throw in a few extra recipes, reviews, rants, and posts about why you choose to be vegan. I’ll be putting up some new recipes, wax nostalgic (already) for the apple bananas in Hawai’i, talk more about my experiment with Dropping the Food Chatter, apple food porn, and field trip to an orchard (10/24, Hood River, I’ll be posting more details elsewhere).

Look for the VeganMoFo2009 tag for the posts. Check out the other blogs. Send us some recipes, places to review, products to try!

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